Queenie is absolutely amazing. She was so calming and informative throughout my first Etheric Cord Cutting experience and it was positively transformative. Queenie was able to help me identify and navigate the specific energy imbalances I was experiencing to finally release myself from the mental and emotional anxiety I was feeling from past circumstances. She was also very encouraging in validating my intentions and purpose, which I found to be immensely supportive and uplifting. I really appreciated her thoughtfulness and patience as she took the time to review and explain the current state of my chakras and the importance of each stone that we were using to help balance them. Her smudging and use of her sound bowl allowed me to feel peacefully open and protected in my own safe space. I truly felt my energies responding to her touch as I saw colors surface from light turquoise to magenta purple and felt flashes of warmth and cold sensations. I felt more energized and conscious of my surroundings immediately after the treatment and the next day, I was able to focus my intentions and had a more positive attitude. I no longer feel bound by my anxieties and I feel more centered and grounded. Queenie even gave me great recommendations for specific crystals/stones to use at home during my meditations to continue to maintain my chakra alignment. Self care is so important especially for the mind and soul and Queenie is a great person to help you achieve your intentions.

- Natalie

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