I'm thrilled to offer this comprehensive Sound Healer training program with all who feel called to learn how to work with the powerful vibrational medicine of sound.  This course was born as a request from students and clients who have experienced my unique way of holding space with sound.  After facilitating countless individual treatments + group sound bath ceremonies in my own flourishing healing practice, this is my heartfelt offering for the next wave of Sound Alchemists who are ready to step into service.


If you have been feeling the nudge to become a Keeper of Frequency, but are not sure where to begin or haven't found a program that you fully resonate with, then this may be the course you've been waiting for.  This course is open to sound enthusiasts of all levels whether you have zero experience and have only recently attended a sound bath, own a few instruments and are self-taught, are a Wellness Practitioner looking to augment your current offerings or are an existing Sound Healer looking for a deeper, more intuitive & spiritual connection to this healing modality.  


This course is rooted in science and spirituality because it is my experience that they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, they support one another beautifully and when we understand the power of sound through this combined lens, we gain a much more meaningful understanding of sound medicine that we can apply to our practice.  Sound is the medicine of our ancestors that has re-emerged in the now moment to help us navigate the current state of the world we find ourselves in.  These are sacred times and sound medicine offers us the empowering ability to heal ourselves, as well as help serve others and raise the vibration of the Collective.  We are at a pivotal moment where this ancient healing modality is being pioneered to create exciting innovations that will carry us into the future. 

Lastly, it is my pride and joy to have co-created such an amazing community with so many kind souls both domestically & internationally! Strong bonds are often formed in these trainings since the containers we hold are quite powerful and an amazing benefit to this program is that it comes with a real, supportive community. There are so many incredible Practitioners in our community who are experts in their respective disciplines to immediately begin collaborating with. My Sound Healer grads have also gone on to immediately begin integrating sound healing into their work, curating and hosting their own successful event series, landed teaching jobs at yoga + meditation studios,  launched their own wellness retreats & more! This training program is my personal invitation to you to join the growing movement of sound healing and it would be my deepest honor to be your guide.  


Delve into the rich history of sound healing and how it was utilized in ancient civilizations. Learn about the fundamentals of music theory, then dive into the power of vocal toning, chanting & mantras for cellular regeneration. Become proficient in sonic technology & learn how to play a variety of healing instruments. 


Become knowledgeable about how quantum physics and neuroscience serve as the foundation of sound as an effective complementary and alternative medicine.  Gain proficiency about how to work with the specific laws that govern sound, how they relate to our physiology & holistic health.  Learn about fascinating case studies & emerging technologies within the field of sound healing.


Deepen your spirituality, connect to the Healer within & become adept at holding sacred space for others. Expand into the world of energy anatomy, learn to facilitate cathartic treatments & group healing ceremonies. Unique to this training, you will receive powerful activations and find yourself on a multidimensional, spiritual journey participating in this high-vibrational

group container.



This iteration will be VIRTUAL taking place over the course of 4 consecutive Saturdays via Zoom. It consists of a total 30 hours which includes: Live training with plenty of hands-on practice and an additional requirement of 10 practicum hours, 1 final exam and a public graduation ceremony. 

  • Saturdays from 10:30am - 2:30pm: Oct 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd

  • Saturday, November 5th  - Sound Healer Graduation Ceremony

​​This comprehensive course is comprised of 7 modules. All training sessions will be held in person and will not be recorded. Students will receive a printed manual, as well as a certificate upon completion of the practicum hours & final exam.


Students will also get the added benefit of a public sound bath graduation ceremony where they will get to apply everything they've learned, playing for friends and family. This event is always a major highlight of the program & for our greater community!  


  • History of Sound Healing

  • Intro to Music Theory

  • Science of Sound as a Vibrational Medicine

  • Crystalline Sonic Technology: Crystal Singing Bowls

  • Gongs, Tuning Forks, Ocean Drum & Chimes

  • Sacred Ceremony & Rituals:  Anatomy of a Sound Bath Journey 

  • Creating Your Professional Sound Healing Practice


  • Practicum Hours - 5hrs of individual sound healing treatments and 5hrs of small group sound healing ceremonies. 

  • Students also have the opportunity to apprentice with me at live group sound bath ceremonies

  • Final Exam - Private 1:1 Sound Bath Ceremony with Instructor for review of techniques, application of sacred ceremony rituals & ability to hold space.​​



Tuition for this virtual course is $1111 and you have the option to pay in of 4 monthly installments, 3 monthly installments or in full.  Again, no experience is required and it's not necessary to purchase any instruments beforehand.  I want each student to feel empowered to make informed purchasing decisions vs rushing to buy any instruments prior to gaining the knowledge in this training. My intention is to provide you with all the knowledge and confidence you need in order to create your sound healing practice at a pace that works for your individual goals & circumstances.  


Take a deep breath, tune in and decide if this feels aligned for you at this time. If you are ready to commit and become a sacred Keeper of Frequency, then it's time to dive in with heart wide open.  Spaces are limited to ensure everyone receives dedicated, quality attention.  All sales are final and no refunds will be issued. Please manage your schedule accordingly so you can be present for each day of class as they will not be recorded.