Reiki is truly the path of the awakened heart and there has never been a better time than now to empower yourself in taking control of your personal healing journey and future. Open yourself to receive the transformative gift of becoming a channel for this beautiful healing energy.  In this Reiki & Intuitive Development Level 1 course, you will learn the history and evolution of reiki, how to perform a full self-reiki treatment, how to channel reiki to a space as well as how to perform a reiki treatment on friends and family.

The wonderful thing about receiving a reiki attunement is that once you have been attuned to channel reiki, you will have the gift of this ability for the rest of our life. Your life will begin to change as you acknowledge and personally hold space for yourself and others, using reiki to gradually release limiting belief patterns you've outgrown and channel vital life force energy to where it is needed most.  As you release old conditioning that no longer resonates with you, you'll begin to find your center and understand your true nature as energetic being.  You will begin to increase your vibration attracting like vibrations, learning how to manifest your highest good.  At the completion of this course, you will receive an attunement in order to begin channeling reiki.  It is a gentle, but effective healing modality that will assist you on your own personal healing journey, deepen your spirituality and empower you to take care of yourself as an energetic being. 

I specifically designed this initial Level 1 course to encapsulate not only the fundamentals of Reiki Level 1 training, but to also cover several topics relating to Intuitive Development which I have found invaluable.  One of the most incredible aspects of leaning into your reiki practice is that it deepens your spirituality and begins to open up your intuitive abilities in the most beautiful, organic way and that is something I absolutely wanted to dive into within this course.  


This is a 2-day virtual course consisting of 8hrs hosted on Zoom.  

Saturday, July 11th from 11am - 3pm PST

Sunday, July 12th from 11 - 3pm PST


This course contains 7 Modules that all go into great depth in order to give you a strong foundation for your reiki practice. ​


  • In Depth Overview of the History of Reiki

  • Shoden - Reiki Level 1

  • Science of Reiki 

  • Ethics of Holding Space & Best Practices

  • Energy Anatomy

  • Intuitive Development

  • Intro to Ascension

COURSE TUITION:  $444 is the total investment for this course

*Note:  Reiki + Intuitive Development Level 1 certificates will be mailed to students after completion of the program

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