(IN PERSON) 75min Lunar Eclipse Akashic Reiki Sound Bath (11/29)

Join me for this rejuvenating Gemini Lunar Eclipse Akashic Reiki Sound Bath. To be able to do this in person, connect in real life & amplify the energy of our container is such a gift that I know we are all craving. I have been feeling the need to hold space in person in a very intimate setting in order to facilitate the type of healing that is not only necessary, but available to us at this transitional time in humanity's spiritual evolution. 


This is a 75min integrative healing ceremony infusing several different modalities. Each attendee will deeply benefit from this multidimensional healing ceremony as I will be tapping into the Akashic Records live and sharing a divinely channeled message with the group. The Akashic Records are an energetic library that stores the energetic imprints and wisdom of all that ever was, is and could be as it houses all potential timelines. We will be receiving guidance from the highest vibrational beings of light including Angels, Ascended Masters and Loved Ones. We will also be working together to set our intentions noting what we are ready to release, then we will go into a deeply relaxing reiki-infused sound bath journey. During the sound bath itself, you will also be receiving the bonus of dedicated, hands-off reiki from one of my incredible Level 2-Certified Reiki students who each come with their own powerful gifts.   


Together we will:

☾ Turn off our busy minds and melt into a deep, meditative state

☾ Receive a live, channeled Akashic message for the group container

☾ Tune inward and connect with our Higher Selves and our Spirit Guides

☾ Set and amplify our intentions

☾ Release emotional blockages in a sacred container

☾ Anchor in ascension codes

☾ Heal with the vibrational medicines of reiki & sound

☾ Refresh and renew in community


Space is extremely limited, so if you'd like to attend please read through all the details below and don't hesitate to book your spot. I encourage you to invite a friend who could also use healing and an energetic cleanse at this time. 



  • TIME:  6 - 7:15pm (*Please arrive 10min in advance to park, get situated and settle in as we'll begin the sound bath at 6pm sharp)
  • LOCATION:  Private studio in Westchester - Location details will be emailed upon purchase.
  • Energy Exchange: $50
  • DETAILS:  Please bring your own yoga mat to lay on, a warm throw, neck pillow or whatever you need to feel comfy!  You are also welcome to bring any crystals if you'd like them to be super-charged with reiki.  



*Please be sure this date will work prior to purchasing. All sales are final with no refunds as to be considerate of the limited space available. 

*The private studio has been closed to the public and is taking enhanced Covid-19 Safety and Cleaning measures in accordance with guidelines from the CDC for this event, including:

  • The space, along with high touch surfaces & amenities are disinfected
  • HEPA filter Air Purifiers used in the space
  • Guests are required to wear masks for the entire duration of the event
  • Limited capacity and six-foot markers on floors to allow for social distancing 
  • Disinfecting wipes, paper towels & hand sanitizer available
  • Restroom available to wash hands

*By purchasing a ticket, you consent that you are attending this event at your own risk. You also agree to follow Covid-19 guidelines including wearing a face mask for the duration of the event, practice safe social distancing staying at least 6ft away from other attendees and will act responsibly. 

*Please ensure you feel healthy before attending this event. If you feel ill before the event, please kindly stay home and seek the proper medical attention.  

(IN PERSON) 75min Lunar Eclipse Akashic Reiki Sound Bath (11/29)


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