VIDEO RECORDING - Fall Equinox Virtual Reiki Sound Bath

If you missed my Fall Equinox virtual reiki sound bath, you can still purchase the video recording to enjoy at your own convenience.  The energies of this portal have opened up to us and will continue to usher in as the weeks go by leading into the Winter Solstice.  Now is a time of stillness, holding space for our inner light and inner darkness in equal measure with zero judgment and instead, with the utmost love and compassion. 



September 22nd marked this year's Fall Equinox in the Northern hemisphere which is a powerful energy portal to tap into the wisdom of Gaia, the light of the Sun & our connection to Source. The Sun's rays will shine directly on the equator and the tilt of the Earth comes into alignment with the Sun causing our day and night to become equal. There is a balancing of yin and yang, light and dark, of Divine masculine and Divine feminine energies helping to bring us into more alignment with our most authentic truth.


This equinox is helping to further activate the higher consciousness of crystalline energies, assisting in our transition from polarizing duality to the much talked about "zero point" which is the state of absolute stillness where we are in total connection with All That Is. It is a state of consciousness where the density of our false reality dissipates and we are attuned to the infinite possibilities before us from a state of complete neutrality. As we continue to move towards the bliss of this zero point energetic, anything that is not in alignment with our Higher Selves and the Divine blueprint of Nova Gaia will continue to be purged simply because they are of a much lower frequency. Not good or bad, they are simply too dense and cannot exist in the higher frequencies we are ascending to.



  • Energy exchange: $20
  • Link to the video recording of the YouTube live stream will be emailed to you upon purchase
  • Lay down, relax & receive the transmissions of this healing ceremony. I encourage you to secure a space to lay down in the comfort of your own home with zero distractions. You can feel free to wear headphones and an eye mask, otherwise, there is nothing you need to do other than follow along and open yourself to receive.
  • All sales are final.

VIDEO RECORDING - Fall Equinox Virtual Reiki Sound Bath


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