Community healing event honoring the first full moon of the new year, led by Sound Healer + Reiki Master, Queenie Hilfer, and Meditation Guide + Reiki Master, Marcia Paige Hamelin. Join us for a special evening of breathwork, guided meditation, vibrational medicine of both sound & reiki, and healing in community. Together we will:☾ Alchemize attachments & emotional blocks☾ Deepen connection through a practice of compassion☾ Open to receive our intentions for the new year ahead☾ Heal with the vibrational medicines of reiki & sound☾ Relax, release & renew in community Utilizing the energy of the full moon and powerful lunar eclipse, we will bring awareness to attachments and emotional blocks so we may release what is not in alignment with our highest good. The evening will begin with gentle breathwork to bring us into a grounded and embodied space, followed by a guided meditation incorporating a compassion practice to deepen our connection to self and open us to receiving our intentions for the new year ahead. We will relax into a deep, restorative meditative state, amplified by two forms of vibrational medicine: sound and energy. Queenie will take us on a journey of sound using crystal singing bowls and other high vibrational instruments designed to recalibrate our system on a cellular level. While Marcia will channel a collective energy healing and offer short one-on-one reiki healings. This special energetic combination will deepen our intentions, promote self-generative healing and raise our collective vibration. The intention for the evening is to release, relax, + renew. Arrival time is 7pm. The session will begin shortly thereafter. This is a laying-down experience. Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket and pillow to make yourself as cozy and comfortable as possible. The studio has square cushions that can be doubled up to lay down on. You are also welcome to bring anything else to make you comfortable: an eye mask, crystals or anything else that soothes your soul. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes to relax in. *Please be sure this date will work prior to purchasing. All sales are final as to be considerate of the limited space available.

1/10/20 Full Moon Release Soundbath Journey + Collective Energy Healing


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