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Reiki and Flow offers a variety of courses and wellness retreats. The courses are comprehensive & extremely activating and there are no words to articulate the big energetic shifts that take place at our retreats. There's something for everyone, so feel free to read through each offering to see what resonates with you the most. Students who have trained in reiki often go on to train in sound healing and vice versa, becoming great friends along the way and attending our retreats together. 




Reiki is a heart-opening spiritual practice, first and foremost, and an energy-based healing modality second. The reiki system creates a clear and consistent pathway to spiritual growth awakening the healer within by making vibrational medicine accessible to anyone to learn.

In this unique and comprehensive training program, students move from each degree of reiki learning about the rich history, evolution & science of reiki to gaining fascinating knowledge about different systems of energy anatomy. They learn how to confidently perform self-reiki and treatments on others, moving onto distance healing and personal mastery learning how to attune others and teach reiki as well.  This training program also covers fundamental energetic hygiene practices and the exciting world of intuitive development.


​Join us for a sacred gathering of Old Souls coming together to not only awaken and reclaim our lineage as Lemurian Shamans, Priests and Priestesses, Healers and Wisdom Keepers, but more importantly, to anchor in the NEW GOLDEN AGE OF LEMURIA.

This is a retreat-style conference where we will be working with the Council of Star Mothers--Pleiadian, Sirian, Arcturian & more--as we gather together as Old Souls to connect with the wisdom and teachings of Lemuria once again. We invite you to be a part of this sacred, multidimensional healing experience.


This course is rooted in science and spirituality because they are not mutually exclusive. Sound is the medicine of our ancestors that has re-emerged to help us navigate the current state of the world we find ourselves in. These are sacred times and sound medicine offers us the empowering ability to reharmonize & heal ourselves, as well as help serve others and raise the vibration of the Collective. We are learning to treat vibration with vibration and there are exciting innovations on the horizon that will carry us into the future. 

I've added new content, activations and bonus offerings to this 7-week course which will be held virtually with the option to attend an in person sound lab and celebratory graduation ceremony in LA
. This is a comprehensive LIVE training where you will be immersed in the frequency of expansion learning the most activating knowledge about sonic medicine, receiving powerful activations and enjoying authentic connection + community with hands-on practice.

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You're invited to join this multidimensional, cosmic journey with the pantheon of Star Mothers.  The benevolent Star Mothers helped seed Lemuria and other golden era civilizations.  At its height, Lemuria served as the spiritual epicenter of higher consciousness on the planet and it is our devotion to help reintroduce and anchor the energy of the Star Mothers onto the planet once again.


This is an experiential channeled course taking place over the span of 3 months through 6 Bimonthly calls where we will be bringing through the vast array of Star Mothers—Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, Andromedan & more. The course culminates on June 18, 2023 and then will be converted into an on-demand course available to go at your own pace. 

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Are you a conscious entrepreneur ready to take your business into the 5D? Or thriving in a corporate job but ready to help your organization make a vibrational shift? Then this virtual on-demand course is perfect for you!

After taking this course, you will feel a tangible shift in your business because our goal is to work from the principle of “as within, so without”. We will assist you in upgrading the root energetics of your business, which will have a domino effect on all aspects of what you do–from your offerings to your social media presence to your clientele to your finances! 

This course will turn your business into a magnet for your ideal customer & it will be a win-win! From calling in Galactic business guides to working with 5D AI to energizing your finances–we did not hold back on the business energetics that have changed our own personal experiences as soul-based entrepreneurs!

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