• Creates deep relaxation allowing the body to release chronic stress and tension

  • Dissolves energy blockages and accelerates the body's natural healing abilities

  • Promotes natural balance between mind, body & spirit

  • Clears the mind and improves focus as you feel centered and grounded

  • Aids with insomnia and provides better sleep

  • Increases energy levels, promotes focus and creativity, improved self-esteem and quality of life

  • Helps to manage grief, trauma, heartbreak & depression with emotional clearings

  • Can ease exhaustion, nausea and relieve uncomfortable symptoms during & after pregnancy 

  • Assist in relieving physical pain and ailments like the scrapes and the common cold, etc

  • Reduces anxiety before a medical operation and speeds up healing post-operation

  • Supports recovery from chemotherapy treatment

  • Serves as a safe and non-intrusive healing approach that complements and is easily integrated with medical treatment and conventional therapies

A 2017 study from the Journal of Evidence-based Integrative Medicine reviewed the available clinical studies on Reiki to determine if there was evidence that Reiki is more than a placebo affect.  The clinical studies included in this review ranged from the effects of Reiki on physical and mental relaxation, physiological effects on health care professionals with burnout syndrome, on patients with chronic illnesses, during outpatient chemotherapy in regards to increased comfort and well-being, depression in the elderly living in nursing homes, alleviating pain and improving mobility in patients with Type 2 Diabetes and more. 


Based on the collective results of these clinical studies, this review concludes that "Reiki is a safe, gentle, and profoundly relaxing healing modality that can be practiced by anyone who has received an 'attunement' from a Reiki Master. There is "strong evidence for Reiki being more effective than placebo, suggesting that receiving a Reiki attunement leads to a quantifiable increase in healing ability. For patients with chronic health conditions, Reiki has been found to be more effective than placebo for reducing pain, anxiety, and depression, and for improving self-esteem and quality of life.  According to the neurovisceral integration model and the polyvagal theory, these effects are due to higher parasympathetic nervous system activity. This understanding suggests that Reiki has the potential to provide valuable support for a broad range of chronic health conditions. Reiki should be regarded as a complementary therapy that can be implemented alongside all other medical and therapeutic techniques."

*Reiki practitioners do not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, prescribe substances and medications, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical care professional. Reiki healing is an effective treatment in addition to, not a substitute for, medical attention and medications provided by a licensed physician or licensed professional health care for any ailment. It is recommended that clients receiving Reiki treatments also see a licensed physician for any ailments.

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