Galentine's Day Sacred Sisterhood

Reiki Sound Bath

Join us for an evening of celebrating & deepening sisterhood

 Reiki and Flow is a wellness sanctuary committed to providing energy healing for the modern journey. Lay down your energetic baggage, retreat to a place of inner peace & connect with your higher self to prioritize your well-being.  Reiki is a safe and effective Japanese healing modality that reduces stress and anxiety and promotes energetic healing.  It helps remove the energy blockages that keep stagnant energy stuck in your tissue and cellular memory.  The result is emotional release and profound relaxation, bringing your mind, body and spirit back into alignment and restoring your body's innate healing abilities. Reiki and Flow is your formal invitation to lay down your energetic baggage, retreat to a place of inner peace and connect with your higher self to prioritize your well-being.  Let us begin.  


We proudly support women-owned businesses and operate out of beautiful El Segundo at Remedy, an organic spa and curated shop.  Book a reiki treatment for some much-needed healing and enjoy some retail therapy all-in-one.  


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